God, being invisible, cannot do everything as He would want. He needs you. Through you He will give things to mankind. Through you He will make the world good. Without you, He can do nothing.

True Father

The importance of your presence here

The events reflected here are just a few handpicked events that we have managed to do with the very tight income that we have had. On average, our Witnessing Center is visited by 20-30 young people per day and each day there are given at least 12 lectures to new guests. Your visit on this website is greatly appreciated and it would make us very happy if you would consider making a monthly donation to support the development of the Providence in Vlora.

Recent Events

Check out some of the most recent events that we’ve had in Vlora.

January 2022

Some inspiration for you!

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is very helpful for us and it would really make a difference.

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